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Sen Larry Craig Is In The News Again But Not Identified As Republican Senator Larry Craig

Reported by Donna - September 26, 2007 -

I've reported a few times on Senator Larry Craig being charged and pleading guilty to overtures to other men in a men's bathroom. Each time Fox has just called him Senator Larry Craig. Today they had a small banner at the bottom that said Senator Larry Craig (R-Idaho), but they're still backing off calling him Republican Senator Larry Craig.

As noted before, whenever a Democratic Senator is in some kind of trouble they are identified as Democratic Senator whoever.

It seems now that Republican Senator Larry Craig is trying to get his guilty plea taken away. His lawyers are now saying that he mistakenly pleaded guilty when all of this was explained to him before he pleaded guilty.

Comments: It's just a small thing that people might not notice, but Fox does it over and over again. They announce Democrats as Democratic Senators and Congressmen/women but Republicans are just announced as Senator or Congressman/woman so and so.

Is this becoming a habit on Fox?