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Newt Gingrich: Bush Should Blow Up Iran's Natural Gas Insfrastructure

Reported by Marie Therese - September 26, 2007 -

Monday night (September 24, 2007) during On the Record with Greta van Susteren, former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich called for the Bush administration to sabotage Iran's natural gas refinery, using the same black-ops tactics Ronald Reagan authorized in 1981 against the Soviet Union, tactics that resulted in an explosion so large that it compared in force to a nuclear bomb. Gingrich chuckled at that thought. The definition of a "newt" is "small, lizard-like creature," which seems an appropriate name for this political has-been, riddled with bloodlust, and nostalgic for the good old days when Saint Ronnie waved his magic wand and the Wall came tumbling down. With video.

Gingrich said: "I can't imagine why they put up with this. I mean, either General Petraeus is wrong and the military spokesman's wrong or the current policies we have are stunningly ineffective. ... We should finance the students. We should finance a Radio Free Iran. We should covertly sabotage the only gasoline refinery in the country. We should be prepared, once the gasoline refinery's down, to stop all of the gasoline tankers and communicate to the Iranian government, that, if they want to move equipment into Iran - into Iraq - they're gonna have to walk."

What was legal beagle Greta's response to this bloodthirsty, illegal and immoral suggestion?

She said "That actually seems rather simple and easy to do."

The sheer insanity of this is mind-boggling.

Gingrich's open call for sabotage of Iran's gas industry lends more credence to my theory that Iran's natural gas infrastructure, including recent construction on a pipeline to India, is the real target of the Bush administration, not the nuclear plants.

That's why they've over-hyped the nuclear issue. Seek the money to find the hidden agenda.

The target is gas, not the atom.