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Judge Andrew Napolitano Says Gay Last Supper Poster A Small Part of the Larger Part Of The Attack On Christianity

Reported by Donna - September 26, 2007 -

On Fox and Friends this morning they discussed a parade that was coming up in San Francisco with conservative radio host Mancow. It's a block party for gays called the Folsom Street Fair. Apparently there was a picture of the last supper with men dressed risque on the poster.

Mancow went ballistic. He said that it was a disgrace and how they make a big deal about Muslim cartoons but it's alright to pick on Christianity.

He then went on to name some celebrities who have made fun of religion, Sinead O'Connor, Kathy Griffin and others and said that he doesn't make fun of religions, religions shouldn't be made fun of. He said this group was a godless group.

On the banner at the bottom of the screen it said, 'WAR ON CHRISTIANS?' and 'Entertainers take aims at Catholics.'

Comments: After looking at ManCow's site it's hard to believe that anything would be offensive to him. Judge Andrew Napolitano joined right in. We've had the war on Christmas and Easter and now there is a war on Christians.

I also enjoyed the fair and balanced interview that they had - using one fanatical conservative and no one who is sponsoring the Fair. Leave it to Fox - we report, you decide.