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John Gibson Says George Soros Is Personally Out To Get Bill O'Reilly

Reported by Deborah - September 26, 2007 -

John Gibson claims that George Soros is personally out to get Bill O'Reilly.The man that FOX News claims is rich and powerful enough to buy elections and manipulate the financial world is , according to Gibson, threatened enough by Bill-O to want his destruction. In fact in tonights commentary, Gibson granted Soros ownership of Media Matters renaming it "George Soros' Media Matters."

This is Gibson's hysterical descrption of Media Matters.

"Web site that was funded by Soros and is dedicated to discrediting conservatives and folks like Bill who don't toe the Soros line. They do this by the purposeful misinterpretation of one's words."

Why, one might wonder, would George Soros give a damn about destroying O'Reilly when he does such a great job self destructing independently? Well Gibson claims he's just trying to help CNN and NBC. Here's Gibson's bizarre rationale.

"Why? O'Reilly is the big kahuna of cable news, and neither of those networks can break out of tenth place in a three-network race unless they bring him down."

Of course, Gibson didn't want his audience to think he's some sort of loser so he complained that Media Matters did it to him too. However, he didn't claim that Soros was after him . That's an honor only Bill can milk for sympathy and ratings.

Let's take a look at the "purposeful misrepresentations" of John Gibson's comments on Media Matters Here's a misrepresentation from yesterday 9/25/07 with an audio clip to increase the distortion. Here's another with audio clip where he refuses to retract a false statement about George Soros.

Gibson, eventually succumbed to the delusion that Soros knows he's alive wearing it as a badge of honor.

"Soros doesn't like Bill and Soros doesn't like me. I can't speak for Bill, but as for myself I am proud to be on the Soros hit list."

Maybe Gibson just wants to believe that he's relevant enough to be threatening.