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In Debate About Lack Of Political Balance On Campuses, Hannity & Colmes Shuts Out Opposing Views

Reported by Ellen - September 26, 2007 -

Sean Hannity, still sulking that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had been allowed to speak at Columbia, was full of outrage that former Congressman Tom DeLay had been denied a speaking engagement at Seton Hall University. Without bothering to consult anyone at Seton Hall, Hannity declared that the reason was liberal bias against conservatives. He, his two conservative guests and substitute co-host Kirsten Powers were unanimous in their condemnation of the intolerance of liberals for opposing points of view. Meanwhile, none of them seemed to mind that opposing views had just been shut out of that very discussion. With video.

According to student Christopher Stark, of Seton Hall College Republicans, DeLay was turned down because he is under indictment and the school felt that having him would go against their Catholic principles. Stark misleadingly claimed, (DeLay’s) been cleared for the most part.” In fact, while some charges against DeLay have been dismissed, a money laundering charge remains pending. That’s a felony.

“I don’t buy it,” Hannity proclaimed. “This (stifling of opposing opinions) now is the pattern around the country.”

It was certainly the pattern around Hannity & Colmes. Besides Republican Stark, the other guest was conservative talk show host Andrew Wilkow. As has become customary with "Democrat" Powers, she enthusiastically attacked liberals and didn’t seem to recognize another perspective, much less argue one.

Powers’ only “advocacy” was to ask Stark if college Democrats had ever had any speakers denied. Stark said that John Kerry had been denied the year before, but only because it was too close to the election and Seton Hall couldn’t get a “balancing” guest. That was different from denying DeLay, Stark claimed, because the DeLay denial showed that “political activism has no place at a Catholic university.”

That was a contradiction of Hannity’s proclamation that DeLay had been denied because of his political beliefs. But Powers either didn’t notice or didn’t care. “Is this appealable?” she helpfully asked. “Is there anything you can do?”

Hannity fawned over Powers. “I think we converted you over to our side,” he beamed. Then he went on to praise her criticism of liberals for not condemning Ahmadinejad.

Powers, ever eager to take swipes at those she is supposedly representing on FOX, responded in a way that couldn’t have pleased Hannity more. “When you look at sort of, liberal academia, that’s where you really see it. And I think you’re seeing this as well here where they claim to value free speech but then when you want to have someone come and speak that they don’t like… they seem to be intolerant to other points of view.” Once again, it didn’t seem to bother her a bit that no other points of view had been presented in that very discussion.

“It’s because they can’t argue the points,” Wilkow said, to nobody’s objection. And how would he know? There was nobody there trying to do so. Neveretheless, he went on to offer his view of how another side would argue (with emotion, not facts). His summation was the only representation of a differing opinion offered.

Wilkow went on to make the dubious claim that liberals would always choose socialism over capitalism. Powers offered no objection.

An obviously pleased Hannity asked Wilkow, “Is it because all these former left-wing hippie throw-backs to the protest days – they’ve gravitated to academia now and they want to indoctrinate our kids.”

Wilkow nodded.

Powers giggled.