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Fox Guest Bill Sammon Said He Was A Pinata On Bill Maher's Show

Reported by Donna - September 26, 2007 -

In a segment on Fox and Friends today they had guest Bill Sammon, who wrote a book called the Evangelical President. They actually had him on twice, the first time to talk about his book and the second time to talk about how he got beat up on Real Time with Bill Maher. Fellow News Hound, Melanie posted on Bill Sammon yesterday.

First of all, he should know what to expect to have a book called the Evangelical President and how Bill Maher was going to ask him about it. Another thing he should have known is that Bill Maher beating up on Bush's faith is nothing new nor exclusive. Bill Maher thinks religion is the root of a lot of our problems in the world today. Maybe if he had done some research he would have found this out.

Instead he says he had the "misfortune" of being on the Bill Maher show and getting beat up like a pinata.

Comments: Another unfair and unbalanced report from Fox and Friends. Why not invite Bill Maher to back up what he said on that particular show? Or someone associated with the Real Time show? But no, this is Fox and they are anything but fair and balanced.