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Shepard Smith Asks If Many People Don't Think There Is A Use For The UN

Reported by Donna - September 25, 2007 -

Shepard Smith on Studio B spoke with Fox Guest, Spencer Boyer, Director of International Law and Diplomacy for the Center of American Progress about the United Nations today. Smith asked if there was really much use for the UN today, that a lot of people thought it would be better as riverside condominiums or such.

Boyer said there was a definite need for the UN in the world today. He said that the problems that the United States is facing today are increasingly international in nature and thus require transnational solutions.

Smith said you hear a lot but you don't see a lot of action other than some food work and some international relief work. Boyer said the UN has been sucessful with North Korea with vigorous sanctions and they are rolling back on their nuclear programs.

Boyer pointed out that the UN ambassador has said that the UN was going to have to play a big part when it comes to Iraq in the future. He said that the first war with Iraq cost us next to nothing because of UN backing, but without UN backing in this Iraq war, it has already cost us 1/2 a trillion and could go on to cost another trillion or so.

Boyer said that the U.S. should look at the UN as an essential part of the process and the rest of the world looks at the UN as having international legitimacy. He thinks that the U.S. should look at the UN as part of our national security plan.

Comments: Fox has a great dislike for the UN in it's reporting. Smith today tried to put them down but Boyer expressed the importance of having the UN.