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Fox Continues To Beat On NYTimes/Move.On.Org Story And President Of Iran Speaking At Columbia University

Reported by Donna - September 25, 2007 -

Today on Fox and Friends they stayed concentrated on the MoveOn.Org story and the visit of the President of Iran, Several guests on agreed that the President of Iran shouldn't have been allowed to speak and one guest said that the NYTimes mistakenly giving the wrong advertising price to MoveOn.Org should be counted as a political contribution to MoveOn.Org.

Doocy and crew said that there were many unanswered questions to Ahmadenijad, like why did he say there was never a holocaust. (Comment: I think that was asked) And why do you need nuclear energy when you have 1000 years of oil underneath your country? One guest called him a pathological liar.

They had Jim Gilchrist from the Minuteman Project on who said he had been uninvited to Columbia University and this meant they didn't have free speech. Gilchrist said that Saddam was dead, no one knew where Osama Bin Laden was (especially the man who at first said he'd find him then said he didn't care about him, the U.S. President) and the man in North Korea wouldn't step into the U.S., so he guesses that's why they invited the President of Iran. He said there was a small group of students (including the socialists) who had taken over Columbia University and probably used threats and violence.

There was also talk about how his speech was portrayed over in the Middle East, just showing the cheering and applauding, although the Fox & Friends crew did admit that France portrayed it pretty much as we did. (Comment: I'm not sure if the 'we' meant Fox or the U.S. media)

Doocy asked why the NYTimes had put their mistake on the editorial page instead of the front page and their guest, Robert Zelinick, from Boston University, said that he supposed that the NYTimes considered it an adjustment rather than news. He also explained that because it was for a specific date that is why the larger amount should have been charged. He said that the NYTimes violated standards and this should be considered a political contribution to MoveOn.Org.

Comments: There was no fair and balanced reporting on the NYTimes/MoveOn.Org story, or the story about Columbia University. The whole two hours that I monitored stayed focused on the negative.