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Cavuto Interviews Bill Sammon & They Both End Up Looking Like Idiots

Reported by Melanie - September 25, 2007 -

Bill Sammon, a Fox News employee, the author of four -- yes, four -- books on George W. Bush, and a right wing hack extraordinaire, was Neil Cavuto's guest today (September 25, 2007) on Your World. Sammon was on to talk about a "bombshell" revelation made in his latest book, The Evangelical President, but in my opinion, all the segment did was make both Sammon and Cavuto look like idiots.

Video below.

Cavuto introduced Sammon by saying it turns out that Bush is giving Hillary Clinton advice about the war, and "e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e's talking about" it. That's right, a pleased as punch Sammon confirmed. Yes, our genius president predicted to Sammon that Clinton will clinch the nomination but won't win the election. "[O]n the other hand, he's hedging his bets and providing sort of back channel advice to Hillary and the other Democratic top tier candidates, basically saying look, leave enough wiggle room in your anti-war rhetoric...so you'll be able to continue this prosecution of the war on terror at least to some degree."

Cavuto wondered if Bush spoke to "Hillary" directly and Sammon said no, he speaks "through aides."

Cavuto wondered why, "Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, who savage [Bush] every day of their lives," would take advice from him? Sammon said Bush didn't expect them to "take advice from [him] personally, but he said they have an obligation to listen to my people and...leave themselves a little bit of wiggle room."

Cavuto pointed out that "Hillary" is "the most hawkish of the bunch." (Let's remember that the next time Cavuto claims she's a Socialist.) Sammon said, "Oh, yeah, and I think when that dawns on the sort of netroots, liberal base of the Democratic party, that she's really not going to end the war like she sometimes promises, I think there may be a little bit of a price to pay there, a little bit of a backlash."

Cavuto said "this is not going to sit well" with Democrats and Sammon agreed. The two then proceeded to wrap up by talking about how Sammon knew this was "bombshell" information when Bush first told him about it.

Comment: These guys need to get out more. (1) Bush's credibility is practically non-existent so what makes either Sammon or Cavuto think that anyone, be they Democratic or Republican, is going to listen to anything he says? (2) Since when have Obama and Clinton savaged Bush "every day of their lives?" That's a line that plays to the uninformed GOP base if ever I heard one. (3) Since when does anyone "have an obligation" to listen to Bush's "people?" The arrogance here is unbelieveable. And last but not least, (4) it has already "dawned" on Democrats that Clinton's, "not going to end the war like she sometimes promises," because ah, she never made that promise. Hello! Like I said, these guys need to get out more.

Here's the video: