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President of Iran Speaks At Columbia University & Studio B Gets A Surprise From A Columbia Student

Reported by Donna - September 24, 2007 -

Today President Ahmadinejad of Iran spoke at Columbia University. Fox was ready with former UN ambassador, John Bolton, to rebut him. He said the warm response that the President of Iran got would harm us.

Of course terms 9-11 *Which had nothing to do with Iran) and the terms terrorist state was brought into the conversation. Bolton said the warm response would cost us for a long time. He talked about Iran providing weapons and people to kill our soldiers over in Iraq. Eric Shawn said that Iran's president was met with jeers and calls of Hitler.

Studio B went to an actual student, sophomore, Rebecca Evans, and try as he might, Shepard Smith couldn't get her to say anything bad about the President of Iran. She said the dialogue was good and the students also got to hear the beginning with the President of Columbia who came on strong to the President of Iran. Evans said she found it a fascinating, valuable forum which was an actual answer and question session. Smith asked Evans if it was good to have a dialogue backlash and Evans said she hoped that was not the case.

Comment: I was actually shocked that the student didnn't toe the Fox line and gave her opinion that dialogue was important. A lesson that some of our politicians might learn.