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Heather Nauert Showcases Her FOX Interview Techniques With Columbia Students

Reported by Deborah - September 24, 2007 -

Heather Nauert, covering the Ahmadinejad visit at Columbia University today, had the chance to show her FOX style interviewing techniques during an interview with two representatives from the College Republicans and Democrats. Josh Lipsky, College Democrats and Chris Kuliach, College Republicans were in complete agreement that Ahmadinejad's visit was a constructive experience. Rather than promote the unity expressed by the students, Nauert injected divisiveness using the classic FOX News techniques.

The students told Nauert they were pleased that the students had a chance to ask Ahmadinejad some tough questions both agreeing that it was a postive experience for the students. They seemed unified going over the event as Americans allowing their Party affiliations to stay in the background.

Then Nauert injected the talking points about the Minutemen and the ROTC being banned from campus forcing the College Republican, Chris Kuliach, to take her side. Josh Lipsky, College Democrat, tried to clarify the ROTC distortion claiming that FOX News wasn't being fair.

Nauert started the old FOXian talk over technique preventing him from making his point. When he tried to interrupt, Nauert anoounced there was no more time.

Obviously, Nauert has spent hours watching O'Reilly and Hannity tapes because her style was unmistakeable except she's added that girl next door, fresh as a daisy smile to set her apart from the tough guys.