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Hannity's "Investigation" of MoveOn.org Falls Flat.

Reported by Marie Therese - September 24, 2007 -

All last week Sean Hannity proclaimed that he would reveal shocking new information about MoveOn.org during the September 23rd edition of Hannity's America. Well, once again, Hannity proved to be full of hot air. His "investigative report" turned out to be nothing more than a rehash of dog-eared right-wing canards, innuendo and personal opinion, all tossed together with no documentation in a segment that drew what little power it had from Hannity's tone of voice and the "interesting" placement of video clips. It was clearly designed to inflame rather than educate - some of it actually offered opportunities for humor - and, as such, it was just another in a long line of typical "all hat and no cattle" Sean Hannity hit pieces. So, I had a little fun with my iMovie program last night and embedded my commentary in the video below. Hope you like it! : )