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In Unfair, Unbalanced Discussion About MoveOn, Colmes Excels

Reported by Ellen - September 22, 2007 -

He’s not a pit bull like Sean Hannity but check out the great job Alan Colmes did in this discussion where the panel was stacked against him with two conservatives and the feckless “Democratic strategist” Kirsten Powers. I think he indirectly made Hannity and his two minions look like goons as they repeatedly whined about Democratic meanies while doing nothing but deriding Democrats. With video.

In Part 2 of a two-part discussion, the focus turned (again) to the MoveOn “controversy.” Don’t forget that Sean Hannity and FOX News have a grudge against MoveOn whom they associate with Outfoxed, Fox Attacks and US!

The segment started with the playing of a new ad from MoveOn attacking Republicans for blocking the plan to give soldiers equal time at home as the length of their previous overseas tour.

Colmes opened the discussion by saying to Republican Kate Obenshain, “By all this hoo-hah about MoveOn, you’re making them so important, you’re empowering them. You’re actually helping them raise money by making the issue about their ad rather than Bush’s failed Iraq policy. ‘Cause you’d rather talk about an ad with a word you don’t like, one word, than a policy you can’t defend.”

Chalk up Obenshain as another Republican harpy shrilling about Democratic “hate” while spewing venom non-stop. Obenshain started by attacking the MoveOn ad as “appalling.”

“Where’s it wrong?” Colmes fired back.

“It’s exactly what MoveOn.Org has been doing – attacking our troops,” Obenshain said. She still hadn't proved anything wrong.

Actually, the ad was about supporting our troops, as anyone watching it would have known. But obviously Obenshain had her talking point ready and either couldn’t or wouldn’t adapt.

Then, in her nasally, Virginia-snob accent, she said that Giuliani is the one making “boatloads of money” attacking MoveOn. “I guarantee you, the American people are not gonna put up with this flashback to the Viet Nam era when the whacko left started, um, with the bodybags and Jane Fonda dancing on top of, um…”

Colmes interrupted her to note that all she could is “call names, call names.” She also neatly ducked the point about the Republicans having blocked the bill.

The other conservative guest was high-school dropout turned disk jockey turned columnist Mark Steyn, the man who predicted in December, 2003 that the insurgency would peter out six weeks later and then said the following March that "I don't think it's possible for anyone who looks at Iraq honestly to see it as anything other than a success story.” The British-born Steyn self-righteously insisted “You make politics all but impossible if you try to imply that serving officers of the United States military are all but wholly-owned subsidiaries of President Bush.”

Colmes replied, “Actually, what made this political is having George W. Bush, the Commander-in-Chief, make Petraeus the front guy for his war, making him have to testify before the House and the Senate, making him now a political figure." Then, to Powers he added, "And Kirsten, they’re busy attacking a newspaper ad while voting down downtime for the troops away from the battlefield. THAT is a betrayal of the troops. That is where the betrayal of the troops is taking place.”

As has become an all-too-familiar pattern with Powers, she declined the opportunity to advocate for her Party and took a gratuitous swipe at it, instead. “I have to say, I’m at this point surprised there isn’t just a violent uprising in this country against both Parties.”

“Violence? We’re talking about words here,” an obviously taken-aback Colmes said.

“I listen to both sides of this debate,” Powers continued. “The disgust that I feel for this whole debate and for what’s been going on in Congress as well, what the Republicans are doing, what the Democrats are doing. The stupid resolutions to come out and condemn a newspaper ad. You know, this is not what we should be talking about. We should be talking about the war.” In fact, Powers just had the opportunity to talk about the war and she squandered it.

With transparent Hanctimony, Hannity hammed it up about the use of the word “betray.” “I can’t think of anything more offensive to say about a four star general.”

Did Powers confront Hannity on his hypocrisy for not denouncing the ads against amputee veteran Max Cleland which blended his face with Osama bin Laden? For not denouncing Ann Coulter for attacking 9/11 widows or “joking” about poisoning a Supreme Court Justice? For laughing ostentatiously at Ted Nugent’s “joke” that Barack Obama should suck on his machine gun? No. She told Hannity that he was “preaching to the choir here.”

Powers did make a few good points. “We’re now going into two weeks of this, of talking about this ad. It’s getting a little out of control.” She later said, in response to attacks on Hillary Clinton, “I think that you’re suggesting that she’s not actually allowed to question a general,” Powers. “And that’s not true.”

“But she called him a liar,” Hannity lied.

“I don’t think she did call him a liar,” Powers said. She ponted out that Clinton was saying she didn’t see the situation the way Petraeus did. “The same thing Admiral Fallon says. His own boss doesn’t agree with the things that he’s saying.”

Hannity had no answer for that, apparently, so he cut away to Steyn in order to turn up the hate he was supposedly denouncing from the other side. “I guess the word (sic) 'Bush derangement syndrome' is a real condition now… It seems that there’s no reasoning with the left any more in this country. They’ve been co-opted by MoveOn.Org.”

Steyn readily agreed and said that the Ebola virus would probably get almost as much of an approval rating as Congress.

“Maybe they’re giving Republicans an opportunity to really emerge here with a new agenda and be victorious in ’08,” Hannity said to Obenshain.

“I think so,” Obenshain responded in her annoyingly nasal voice. But rather than offer any new agenda, she went back to attacking Democrats. “We have an opportunity to really talk about who’s driving the Democrats but also the courage that it’s going to take to see this war to a fruitful conclusion.” By the way, Obenshain looks like she’d be young enough to enlist. I wonder why she hasn’t.

“Keep your fingers crossed that you guys get a new agenda. That would be very good for you,” Colmes quipped.