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The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Removes News Hounds Video for "Copyright Infringement." Leaves Many Others Untouched.

Reported by Marie Therese - September 21, 2007 -

On September 17th, I wrote a short post about the Martha McCallum's Live Desk interview with Peter Shankman in which they both claimed that FOX Entertainment censored Sally Field because she "cursed" when she used the words "god damned wars" during her Emmy acceptance speech. In addition to video from Live Desk, I also posted clips of the uncensored Field quote from LiveLeak and another from Red Eye during which two guests used the words "god damned" repeatedly. Well, it seems someone at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences didn't like my McCallum-Shankman video and forced YouTube to remove it for "copyright infringement." Numerous other Sally Field-Emmy videos are still available on YouTube. I have appealed this decision, claiming that my video was clearly covered under the FCC "fair use" rule which allows short clips for news coverage purposes. However, I've been told that there's not much chance that YouTube will change its mind. On a lighter note, Brave New Films picked up the Red Eye clip and produced a snappy little video entitled "FOX Attacks Goddamned Sally Field". Check it out below!