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"Bomb Bomb Bomb" Fever Grows. U. S. Knew About Israeli Attack on Syria Beforehand.

Reported by Marie Therese - September 21, 2007 -

James Rosen noted this morning (9-21-07) on FOX News Live that the Washington Post has reported that the United States knew beforehand about the mysterious September 5th Israeli air strike on Syrian targets. It now turns out that, not only did Israel engage in aerial bombing, it also sent in ground troops. FOX, of course, is perpetuating the White House claims that North Korean nuclear experts (that's human beings, folks, not weapons) were in Syria to give advice. Rosen noted that the target of the attack is still "shrouded in a lot of uncertainty and a lot of rumors." He continued, saying "U. S. officials have worried for years about the unknown aspects of Syria's efforts to develop weapons of mass destruction. They worry now about its close alliance with Iran which is said to have helped Iran purchase advanced conventional weapons from Russia over the last year." With video.

FOX then aired a brief video clip of a think tank expert who engaged in a laughable piece of "analysis."

Rosen is reporting right now on "Special Report" that the Bush administration has decided to issue more sanctions against North Korea, thus effectively sabotaging the newest round of six-party talks.

More on this later.