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Hannity And All White Panel Complain: Whites Held To Higher Standards Than Blacks

Reported by Ellen - September 20, 2007 -

Forget Habeas Corpus! Who cares whether the troops are getting an adequate amount of time at home before being reactivated overseas? OJ’s out on bail! But even with that big news to be analyzed, dissected and discussed, Hannity & Colmes found time near the end of last night’s (9/19/07) show to squeeze in a segment about a “shocking rant” from The View’s Joy Behar! And since Behar’s “rant” concerned race, that meant the only aspects worth talking about were the disadvantages of white people. With video.

It turns out Behar cracked a joke “asking” if the Republican candidates who skipped the African American and Hispanic Forums were at a KKK rally. Behar must not have gotten the memo saying that only conservatives like Ann Coulter and guest Curtis Sliwa can crack jokes at the expense of their political opposition. Predictably, Behar’s point about Republican attitudes toward race immediately fell by the wayside as the topic became her instead of them.

Could anyone be more asinine than Sliwa? Dressed in the same red jacket and beret he wore as a teenager when he lied his way into the headlines as a Guardian Angel, Sliwa told adolescent, name-calling jokes targeting “Joyless” Behar and Al “Slim Shady” Sharpton. Meanwhile, as he got on his high horse about “this woman (casting) aspersions on Republicans” he conveniently forgot that not long ago he had yearned for a baseball bat to beat Rosie O’Donnell “like a human piñata.” Funny how that “shocking rant” was never a topic for discussion on Hannity & Colmes.

But as the issue of bias against blacks vanished, the issue of bias against whites (a perennial favorite on Hannity & Colmes) stepped into the foreground when Hannity took his turn. The funny thing is, Hannity didn’t seem to realize that he essentially proved Behar’s point by focusing on prejudice against whites, instead.

First, Hannity, that perennial victim, hypocritically complained. “You know and I know that conservatives on the radio, if they say anything that’s over the line, they’re going to go after them, they’re going to want to shut them down, they’re gonna target their advertisers.” Of course, all the times that Hannity went after Rosie O’Donnell for her comments, or Harry Belafonte or any number of liberals didn’t count in his equation!

The other guest, Jim Norton, agreed. He later added, “White people never hold people like Jesse Jackson or Sharpton to the same standards. It’s this really weird superiority complex. They don’t hold black people to the same speech standard because they expect black people to say things like that. They don’t expect other white people to say them.”

Now Hannity was all ears! He complained that “Jesse Jackson can get away with (saying that Barack Obama acts white) but that would be a career-ender for (Sliwa).”

Norton said, “That’s what I’m saying, that people do not hold him to the same standard as they hold other white people. Imus is held to a higher standard as a talk show host.”