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Fox is Quietly Conflating Iran and 9/11

Reported by Melanie - September 20, 2007 -

Now that August is over, the month during which you don't launch a new product, Fox is quietly and subtly beginning to link Iran -- that's Iran -- to 9/11, using as a pretext the request by Iran's president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to visit Ground Zero.

Following a interview with Joe Lieberman today (September 20, 2007), Neil Cavuto, Fox's "business news" anchor, hosted Bernie Kerik. (The Lieberman segment was billed as being about the two new bin Laden tapes but it concluded with a bit about Ahmadinejad: Lieberman: "It's an insult to the memory of those who were killed on 9/11" to let him visit the site. This is "as serious a threat" as Hitler or Mussolini.)

Kerik, the disgraced former New York City Police Commissioner and a frequent guest on Cavuto's show, appeared by telephone from Amman, Jordan (wonder what that shady character is doing there), to "react" to Ahmadinejad's request to visit the site.

Kerik said, "This guy shouldn't be allowed anywhere near there. To me, there's no difference in bringing Ahmadinejad than there is in bring in Osama bin Laden. This is a man who has threatened the United States. He has threatened the Europeans. He's threatened to put 45,000 suicide bombers throughout the world if we oppose his nuclear..."

Cavuto interrupted and asked what the police officers who might be assigned to protect him should do.

Kerik said there will be New York City "cops who just refuse to go." He said he "lost 23 members of my department" on 9/11. "The Port Authority lost 37 and the fire department lost 343. I can't see any one of those agencies assisting any part of that detail going down there and it would really be a shame for us, the United States government, to let him down there."

Comment: No, it hasn't reached the yelling and screaming point, or the point of invoking mushroom clouds over your house yet, but the embers are beginning to glow. Here we go again.