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Rerun Tuesday On Fox and Friends - Especially Concerned With MoveOn.Org's Money

Reported by Donna - September 19, 2007 -

It was pretty much rerun Tuesday on Fox & Friends today with the stories focusing on OJ Simpson, the tazer incident and of course, MoveOn.Org. Or, as Fox likes to put it, Move On Moolah (as they are always worried about where their money comes from)

Today they had Byron York, Fox News Correspondant on to discuss where MoveOn.Org gets their money. He said they originally had backers like George Soros, Stephen Bing and others to start them up. Now he says they have about 3 1/2 million members so when they put out a call for donations they are able to get the $20 to $25 from each of them to raise the money.

Yesterday they said that the NRA raised 11 million dollars to MoveOn.Org's 25 million. Today they said that MoveOn.Org made three times as much money as the NRA. (Comment: Rounding off in their favor is what Fox likes to do - maybe tomorrow it will be 4 times as much!)

Doocy asked if all the money went to the Democrats and Byron York said pretty much 100% went to Democrats. Doocy went on further and said this is probably the reason that no Democrats would come out and say anything about the Betrayus ad. York agreed.

Comments: Fox is obsessed with MoveOn.Org, especialy with their money and power. They never miss a chance to put a bad light on them.

The OJ's items were boring with interviews featuring Kato Kaelin.

The tazer video was shown over and over several times again today (Comments: With Kerry's name mentioned of course)