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Hannity & Colmes “Balances” Jena 6 Issue With Discussion About Black Racism

Reported by Ellen - September 19, 2007 -

Only on FOX News would a discussion about the Jena 6 get “balanced” by the Number One Racial Issue on Sean Hannity’s mind: Are whites the victims of black discrimination? With video.

It wasn’t enough that Hannity spent half of last night’s (9/18/07) Hannity & Colmes triumphantly salivating over OJ’s incarceration. He could not even bring himself to discuss the very serious issue of the racially charged case of the six young African Americans in Jena, Louisiana originally charged as adults with attempted murder after a schoolyard fight. Instead, a discussion with Al Sharpton was framed around the question of whether or not NY Knicks head coach Isiah Thomas had a double standard because he would find it “not as much” offensive for a black man than a white man to call a black woman a bitch.

After condemning Thomas' "double standard," Hannity quickly moved on to challenge Sharpton's denunciation of Don Imus. It was Alan Colmes who explored the Jena 6 topic with Sharpton. But even Colmes started out his go-round by asking, “Does (Isiah Thomas) have a double standard?” Colmes' voice was serious, as though the answer were important.

Of course, no such balance was required when Hannity & Colmes spent three nights discussing an obscure bookstore owner who stated that whites should be exterminated.

Sharpton tried to discuss the Jena case with Hannity at the end. But he claimed not to be able to hear Sharpton as he asked that Hannity prove he didn't have a double standard by supporting the Jena 6. Then Hannity conveniently confused the Jena case with some other case in West Virginia and emphatically stated that he wanted them in jail "for life, never to see the light of day again." But even after Colmes clued him in that Sharpton was asking about the Jena 6 case, Hannity refused to offer his support for the defendants.

Why doesn't Al Sharpton put FOX News and Sean Hannity in the hot seat the way he did Don Imus? I wasn't one bit sorry to see Imus go but the bigotry on FOX is far more pervasive and more pernicious, in my opinion, than anything Imus ever did.