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Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Miller Enjoy Their Sexist Put Down Of Sally Field

Reported by Deborah - September 19, 2007 -

Last night, 9/18/07, the aging frat boys, Bill O'Reilly and Dennis Miller, teamed up for a sexist put down of Sally Field to avoid talking about the implications of Fox censoring her comment at the Emmy Awards. Then O'Reilly did a similar sort of hit job on Susan Sarandon during the body language segment. with video

The cool guys claimed they like Fields but she should never try to be " profound". Miller made sure to mention the Flying Nun and Gidget and BOR raved about how young Field looks at age 60. Miller agreed saying she was always " smokin". They got the message across to viewers that Field is "Gidget" and anything she says shouldn't be taken seriously since she's just a lovable, goofy, good looking nut.

When Tonya Reiman, body language maven, told BOR that Susan Sarandon's comments about the war on The View were sincere, O'Reilly tried to paint Sarandon as another crazy female with this comment.

" She is a true believer. Fanatical far left winger believes every word, no matter how loony it is. No matter how insane her position, she believes it."

Here's the video of Miller and BOR laughing at Field.

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