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Newt Gingrich Agrees Bush Is A Failed Presidency

Reported by Ellen - September 18, 2007 -

“Fair and balanced” FOX News put on Newt Gingrich as the lone guest to discuss Hillary Clinton’s health care plan on last night’s (9/17/07) Hannity & Colmes. As it happened, most of the time was spent discussing the 2008 election and very little on Clinton or her plan. With video.

Sean Hannity started the discussion by asking Gingrich about his recent prediction giving Clinton an 80% chance of winning the presidency. Hannity must have been so alarmed, he forgot to bash or smear any Democrats. Instead, he spent his portion of the discussion agreeing with Gingrich about the poor state of Republican affairs.

“If (Republicans) think we’re gonna run a 2004-style anti-Clinton campaign and win, they’re just wrong,” Gingrich said. “I’m trying to awaken the Republican base and awaken conservatives.”

Hannity, of all people, said, “I agree, you’re not gonna win with a negative campaign.” So why does he persist in smearing and distorting-for-the-sake-of-smearing at nearly every opportunity? Because it’s in his bullyboy genes?

Gingrich went on to elaborate about how much in awe of Clinton’s campaigning ability he is. “This is not a small thing… All I’m saying, Sean, is, I have an obligation as an adult to talk facts to my party and not to be a cheerleader, encouraging people to delude themselves.”

“I agree with you,” Hannity said. He claimed he was disappointed “at the lack of ideas” being discussed by Republicans. But then, instead of discussing any ideas, he said with obvious disdain, “We just played (Clinton’s) soundbite. She wants universal coverage. Here we are once again. Does that help her? Does that hurt her?”

Gingrich didn’t answer, didn’t offer any ideas other than to say that he felt like he was in the twilight zone, talking about “Hillary Care” and OJ Simpson. “I thought, My God, this is 1994 all over again.”

When it was Alan Colmes’ turn, he asked Gingrich, “Are you saying Republicans can’t run on George Bush’s record and win?”

Gingrich replied, “Yes. I am saying Republicans can’t run on George Bush’s record and win.”

“So does that mean this is a failed presidency?” Colmes asked.

Gingrich replied, “It means it’s a presidency which has not achieved the things the American people want, and that’s why the poll numbers are where they are. And you can have great respect for the president, you can have great sympathy for what he’s trying to do, you can have a deep sense that he believes deeply in what he’s trying to accomplish in the Middle East but the objective fact is that we have not controlled spending, we have not controlled the border, we have not solved the problems in New Orleans, we do not have a government in Washington that runs effectively and therefore we need real change.”

In other words, yes, that means it’s a failed presidency.

Colmes talked a little about the substance of Clinton’s proposal and Gingrich debated it but they were cut off by the ending of the segment even though Colmes got almost a full minute less than Hannity.