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MoveOn.Org Dissed on Fox & Friends

Reported by Donna - September 18, 2007 -

MoveOn.Org was the target on Fox & Friends today. They reported that the NRA only has 11 million dollars while MoveOn.org has 26 million. Then Allison Camerato asked if MoveOn.org only dissed conservatives and Brian Kilmead said, "I think yes." (Commet: This is patently false, MoveOn.Org goes after Democrats as well.)

They had two guests on to talk about MoveOn.org. Pseudo Democratic Strategist, Bob Beckel and conservative radio talk host, Mike Gallagher.

Beckel said this is the group that said they controlled the Democrats in 2006 and he didn't know why Harry Reid and that group bend over backwards for MoveOn.org.

Gallagher called MoveOn.org the "Peta of the political activists" and said that Hillary was in bed with them.

Comments: Again Fox puts on a Democrat who agrees with the Republican guest, appearing to be 'fair and balanced' when they're really not. Gallagher even went as far as saying they were a bunch of creeps and Hillary wouldn't denounce them.

What brought this about was an ad that ran last week about General Petreus being called General Betrayus. During the hour Fox even ran an anti MoveOn.Org ad put out by FreedomWatch.Org.