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Bill O'Reilly Believes Nurturing His Ego is Patriotic

Reported by Deborah - September 18, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly found someone to say he's still Cable King and Keith Olbermann remains far beneath him yearning for just a speck of O'Reilly's greatness. The Cable Game received their rewards today from O'Reilly for a post reminding the public who's winning the ratings war, for now, at least. BOR expressed his gratitude by putting The Cable Game's worshipful message on his own website for the world to see with the headline, The Factor is still on top!

Yet Bill O'Reilly felt he needed to do more to acknowledge these great Americans so he named them the "patriots" in his new Patriots and Pinheads segment. He simply explained to his puzzled viewers that they are patriots for telling the truth about the ratings.

The Cable Game shared the great moment with Barry Manilow who was a "pinhead" because he wouldn't go on the view with Elisabeth Hasslebeck.

comment: It looks like Patriots and Pinheads is exactly the same as Most Ridiculous Item. It's just another opportunity to stroke BOR's ego and smear dissenting voices.