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Cavuto and an "Internet Evangelist" Express Shock Over Sexy P. Diddy Fragrance Ad -- While It Plays On Screen

Reported by Melanie - September 17, 2007 -

Fox's "business news" guru, Neil Cavuto, hosted "Internet evangelist" Bill Keller today (September 17, 2007) in a segment about a "too hot for TV" advertisement P. Diddy recently released on the Internet for his new fragrance, "Unforgettable." Keller expressed outrage at such videos, claiming they're turning us into a "soulless nation," yet as he spoke, Fox went to a split screen and played portions of the ad over and over again. Here is a copy of the video, which I found on the Rupert Murdoch-owned MySpace. Is there any end to the hypocrisy?

Cavuto introduced Keller saying that the video was "deemed simply too hot for television," but there it was, up on the teevee screen. He said P. Diddy is promoting his new fragrance with an "over the top ad clearly aimed at making over the top bucks," but, "my next guest says he doesn't want you to give him a penny."

Keller didn't say he "doesn't want you to give him a penny," but he did say that, "What you're dealing with is just another symptom of a nation that's really in spiritual free fall." It's, "why you've got children, 12, 13, 14 years old that are having sex." What do you expect, "when you're feeding kids a steady diet of this type of garbage over the Internet and over television..." I wonder if Keller knew that "garbage" was right there on the screen, next to his face.

Cavuto said he "often" wonders "about the implied violence," and Keller said, "We're dealing with a soulless nation that will do anything to sell a product."

Immediately after the Keller segment ended, Cavuto went to a segment about alimony and "K-Fed" and Britney Spears and for three our four more minutes Fox went to a split screen and showed Spears at last week's MTV awards, gyrating in a bra and panties.

Comment: What Keller apparently doesn't realize is that despite its flag-waving, God, and apple pie facade, Fox is part of that "soulless nation" and it too "will do anything to sell a product." I mean, how much more obvious can it get? What the hell are two segments featuring sexy video doing on an alleged "business news" show other than pandering for ratings and shooting for "over the top bucks"?