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Bush nominates retired Federal judge Mukasey to be next Attorney General; has ties to Giuliani

Reported by Chrish - September 17, 2007 -

Before the official announcement that Michael Mukasey was made from the White House this morning, FOX and Friends gave some very select background information. If you weren't watching closely, perhaps readying for work or school, you would have missed an interesting tidbit flashing by in the banners.

Headline reader Alisyn Camerota went to Kelly Wright for the scoop: he told viewers that the White House said Mukasey has a superb reputation for fairness, intellect, and dedication to public service. But (gasp) some Senators want to know more! Banners at the bottom of the screen gave some information: Mukasey is a retired federal judge from NY; no confirmation battle is expected; Mukasey is a judicial adviser to Rudy Giuliani; Mukasey is 66 years old; some legal conservatives expressed reservations; others said to be pleased.

A brief clip was seen of Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) saying he just doesn't know enough yet, and wants to learn if Mukasey is going to be "[Bush's] guy" or will he stand up for the Constitution and be the People's lawyer. The screen went back to Wright, who elaborated that Mukasey is 66 years old, was a judge in the New York Southern District Court, and the White House says it is essential that the Senate moves quickly on his confirmation.

Note that the tie to Rudy Giuliani was not announced. FOX activiely promotes Giuliani (F&F had the first of a two-part interview by Brian Kilmeade with Giuliani at a NASCAR event in New Hampshire at the end of the hour - more on that later) and perhaps realizes that this relationship may only serve to point up to their brighter viewers how well-connected and tight the Republican national clique really is.

A lot more information is available already about the nominee at the Center for American Progress.