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According to FOX News, Sally Field "Cursed" at the Emmys. But, FOX News Didn't Bleep Same Words on Red Eye

Reported by Marie Therese - September 17, 2007 -

Updated with new video added. This morning (9-17-07) during Live Desk with Martha McCallum, FOX News posted the following banner: YOU LIKE ME? FOX CUTS OUT SALLY FIELD'S CURSE DURING ANTI-WAR ACCEPTANCE SPEECH. McCallum and guest, Peter Shankman then discussed FOX Entertainment's decision to "bleep" Sally Field's use of the words "god-damned war." What they completely neglected to talk about was the fact that FOX did more than delete the words she spoke. They cut away from her altogether, creating the jarring impression that they were trying to "eradicate" her image from the screen. At least that's the way I felt when I saw it. I was personally stunned. In a curious aside, FOX News did not see fit to delete references to the words "god damned" from a recent edition of Red Eye, which I personally heard and saw.

9-17-07 11:54 PM EDT: Video updated to include a freeze frame of clip of Al Gore arriving at Emmys that aired at beginning of report on Sally Field. - MT

Now Here's the video of Judge David Young and comedian Greg Wilson using the very same curse words - totally unbleeped - on the September 11th edition of Red Eye. Yes, that's right! September 11th!

Now, here's Sally Field as broadcast on Canadian TV uncensored: