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Mort Kondracke Labels Moveon and Bloggers " Jane Fonda Trotskyite Hooligans" on FOX News

Reported by Deborah - September 16, 2007 -

The Beltway Boys, 9/15/07, Mort Kondracke and Fred Barnes, seemed confident that General Petraeus's testimony "calmed" Republicans and " destoyed" any hopes that Democrats could get any sort of timetable concerning Iraq. Then they did their duty for the GOP with an attack on Moveon and "left wing" bloggers.

Mort Kondracke claimed Moveon and " left wing" bloggers raised a lot of money for Democrats but wanted " obedience" in return. He claimed Moveon "intimidated' by " clogging up phone lines with phone banks" and threatening " political extinction" to anyone who doesn't agree with them. Kondracke then claimed they were also a liability because they reminded voters of "Jane Fonda Trotskyite hooligans" and " ban the bomb, nuclear freeze" types from the cold war.

comment: Mort Kondracke's archaic rhetoric shows just how out of touch he has become. First of all anyone who can relate and be disturbed by the ridiculous " Jane Fonda Trotskyite hooligan" label is probably an over 60 conservative Republican anyway. Oh, I forgot, they're the only people who watch the Beltway Boys anyway.