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Hannity Lies To War Widow To Push Her Into Promoting His Partisan Agenda

Reported by Ellen - September 16, 2007 -

Sean Hannity shamelessly lied to and deliberately manipulated the widow of an Iraq-war soldier on Friday night's (9/14/07) Hannity & Colmes in a blatant effort to push her into promoting his partisan divisiveness. Unfortunately, for truth and freedom lovers, his deplorable tactic worked. Action requested! With video.

Audrey Stout, the young and lovely widow of Army Specialist Brandon Stout, who had been cited in President Bush's speech last week, was the guest for a 4-minute segment.

Approximately a quarter of Alan Colmes' two minutes was allotted to the introduction which included a clip of Bush talking about the fallen Stout. Colmes spent most of his remaining 1:30 asking Mrs. Stout personal questions such as, "Tell us about Brandon."

Colmes touched on politics briefly, gently and without divisiveness when he said to Stout, “I know there’s a lot of political debate in this country and people like me who are not particularly for this war often get criticized for being critical but part of – if we’re fighting for our freedoms, part of what we’re fighting for and what he gave his life for, is to have that debate, isn’t that so?”

“Yes, it is,” Stout said, without hesitation or qualification.

Colmes immediately moved on to ask, “How are you doing? How are you coping?” He spent the rest of his time on her personal situation and never returned to anything remotely political.

Hannity, on the other hand, got two full minutes to question Stout and about half of that time was spent stage-managing her into attacking those who oppose the war.

He completely disregarded what Stout had just told Colmes, that her husband had given his life for the right to dissent. After about 40 seconds of telling her that she was in "our thoughts and our prayers," Hannity made his political move. “Let me ask you this question. When you hear the rhetoric, the political rhetoric going on, does it offend you?”

Stout paused to think and said somewhat uncertainly, “Um, yes, because it makes me feel like maybe his death was, um, done in vain and he died for nothing.”

“Yeah,” Hannity said with barely concealed eagerness. Then he started in with distorted attacks on Democrats. “But well, I mean, when they attack, for example (he started counting off on his pudgy, bullyboy fingers), you know, politicians saying that our troops in Guantanamo are Nazis." Fact check: Hannity was almost certainly referring to Senator Dick Durbin, a favorite target, who never called the troops Nazis but was criticizing the TREATMENT OF PRISONERS. Furthermore, Durbin has long since apologized for his remarks, a fact that Hanctimonious Hannity never remembers.

Hannity continued with another misrepresented quote. “In Iraq, they’re terrorizing women and children in the dark of night.” Fact check: This is a distortion that Hannity has been making about Senator John Kerry since 2005. Hannity's use of the quote conveniently ignores the underlying substance of what Kerry said in a deliberate effort to smear him.

Hannity then moved on to smear Senator Barack Obama with another distortion: "Or 'air-raiding villages,' as Barack Obama recently said.” This is yet another perversion (what Obama said is backed up by news reports) that Hannity has used repeatedly and with no apparent objection from “real journalism” FOX News.

“These are attacks against these brave men that go out there and fight,” Hannity said disingenuously and with clear intent to push the grieving Mrs. Stout into endorsing his divisive rhetoric.

“Yeah,” Mrs. Stout agreed. “It’s really frustrating and hurtful to hear that.”

Hannity barely hid the note of triumph in his voice as he said, “Yeah.”

For about the next 20 seconds, Hannity asked about Stout’s family and whether she would like to meet President Bush. Then he was back to prodding her into doing his political bidding. “It seems that you’re very supportive of the war effort. What do you say to those people who say, ‘How can you be when your family has given so much?’”

Stout, who was obviously not politically-minded, nevertheless gave another satisfying-to-Hannity response. “Because Brandon believed in the mission. And we need to support our troops that are over there. We need to support them.”

“God bless you,” Hannity said enthusiastically.

Write to FOX News and let them know (politely, please) what you think of these tactics. You can reach them at comments@foxnews.com, hannity@foxnews.com and colmes@foxnews.com.