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Unbalanced Hannity & Colmes Analysis of Bush Speech: Three Republicans, One Democrat.

Reported by Ellen - September 14, 2007 -

FOX News bias was blatantly on display during Hannity & Colmes’ discussions of President Bush’s speech last night (9/13/07). The guest roster was grossly unbalanced. Three Republicans, one Democrat. But even with that lopsided line-up, the FOX News producers evidently felt the need to give Republicans a few extra boosts along the way.

The top spot went to, surprise, surprise, a Republican. And not just any Republican but the one for whom Sean Hannity has been fundraising: presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani had little to say about Iraq and seemed to think that the most important aspect of the “war on terror” was attacking Democrats. More on him in my next post. But despite the star billing and a 9-minute interview, FOX provided a little more PR by allowing Giuliani to take questions from Hannity, only.

The next discussion, with Democratic Congressman Adam Smith included both hosts, of course. The segment lasted about 7:30 but approximately one minute of that time was taken up with clips from Bush’s speech. So not only did the lone Democrat get significantly less time than top-guest Giuliani (and not counting the other Republican guests), Smith’s interview was significantly more challenging. Smith, it’s worth noting, did an excellent job of deflecting Hannity’s attempts to make the discussion about MoveOn.Org instead of Iraq.

Smith was followed by Republican pollster Frank Luntz who predictably declared Bush’s speech a success that would cause problems for Democrats.

After Luntz came Oliver North and the discussion was back to MoveOn. Alan Colmes, however, was outstanding as he insisted that tough questions about Petraeus were warranted and, not so coincidentally, Colmes moved the discussion back to Iraq.

Not surprisingly, the Hannity & Colmes webpage features the Giuliani segment and a discussion with Mark Fuhrman about O.J.'s book. The discussion with Democrat Smith is not there. The video of Giuliani is helpfully titled, "Iraq: Moving Forward."