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The Fascists at Fox News Are on the Warpath Against MoveOn.org

Reported by Melanie - September 14, 2007 -

Fox's "premiere business news" guy spent considerable time this week bashing MoveOn.org for the ad it placed in the New York Times on Monday. Today (September 14, 2007) the bashing continued with Cavuto hosting his favorite Democrat-who-bashes-Democrats, Ed Koch. For a guy who calls himself a "journalist," Cavuto said some interesting things and as for Koch, his memory ain't so good. It might be time for him to retire altogether.

Video below.

Per the chyron, the topic was: "Ed Koch: Declining to Denounce MoveOn is Cowardly." Cavuto opened by saying that, "Not just Republicans blasting this MoveOn.org Petraeus ad. It's all anyone's been talking about this week. Democrat Ed Koch also fired up about it -- saying that it is cowardly for Democrats to remain silent about it. So Mayor, you essentially say, guys, protest. This is bad." (Watch the video. This was not a question.)

Koch said it is an, "[O]utrage that the Democratic presidential candidates" haven't come to Petraeus' defense; a man who was "libeled, slandered by MoveOn.com [hey Koch, it's MoveOn.org] by referring to him as General Betrayal." (Ah, Koch, that would be General Betray Us.)

Cavuto wondered why Hillary Clinton didn't, "just say wrong, you pushed it too far?" and Koch said, "but she didn't," she "made a terrible error which is incorrectable." Cavuto, doing some serious editorializing here, asked Koch if he thinks, "[N]ow, the sort of, the MoveOn.org, emperor have [sic] no clothes sort of thing, that they should take it on now and prove it for what it is, just a far flung freaky organization?" Koch said, "It is a radical left organization." Cavuto interjected, "It calls the tunes," and Koch continued, "...that is supported by George Soros with millions of dollars. What they did is an outrage, calling him General Betrayal [again, that would be General Betray Us] and they run the ad before he's even given his testimony which in advance they said is false without knowing that his testimony will be."

"Journalist" and "business news" anchor Cavuto continued to editorialize: "MoveOn.org does have this sort of Svengali grip on the prominent Democrats. Do you think this is the beginning of that grip loosening?" Koch said he didn't know but he pointed out that Biden denounced it and he said be believed Nancy Pelosi did too. "I think Every democrat should stand up and denounce it." That,"organization from this point on is a liability to Democrats."

Comment: Here you see fascism at work folks. The party in power wants to smash the voice of MoveOn as quickly as it can and it is pouring on the intimidation in order to do so. These guys don't give a sh*t about free speech. Above all they want to control the message. The noise MoveOn made on Monday scares the hell out of them. They want to silence MoveOn, and everyone on the left ASAP (think BillO's war on DailyKos (tonight he's going after the HuffingtonPost) -- preferably before the election is upon us -- and Fox is leading the charge. This isn't about protecting General Petraeus' honor or reputation. This is about silencing good, honest, Americans who differ with the ruling class. The ruling class is furious that we've found a way to make some noise and to squeeze it out into the MSM. They don't want that to happen again and that's the bottom line.

Here's the video.