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The Axis of Evil Two-Step: FOX News Reports That Syria Is Getting Nuclear Technology from North Korea and Iranian Bomb Used in Iraq Attack.

Reported by Marie Therese - September 14, 2007 -

Yesterday on Special Report with Brit Hume, in less than three minutes of reporting FOX regurgitated propaganda that claims that North Korea "may be," "possibly," "could be," "sorta might be" (take your pick) selling nuclear weapons, expertise and knowledge to Syria. The intelligence was developed through a secret Israeli program codenamed "Orchard." Israeli planes bombed Syria on September 5th and 6th, presumably trying to destroy caches of Iranian weapons allegedly bound for Hezbollah (Christian Science Monitor, September 14, 2007). However, this week the push is on to define those weapons as "nuclear" in nature. This is all beginning to sound like a bad espionage novel, full of shadowy figures, bogus intelligence, false leads, disinformation, innuendo, double dealing, etc. With video.

The real reason for this "nuclear" story is contained in the Steve Centanni report, i.e. that Israel's unprovoked air strike against Syria would be more acceptable to the world community if they had destroyed nuclear weapons. According to Centanni, invading sovereign air space to blow up conventional weapons is a big no-no, but destruction of "nuclear capability" is seen as less serious. It would appear that the Bush administration is trying to provide some kind of "cover" for Israel.

Brit Hume followed up with yet another story about the "possibility" that an Iranian rocket was used to blow up American headquarters (at Camp Victory) in Iraq on September 11, killing one person and injuring 11 more. However, Hume did not report that General Kevin Bergner could not definitively declare that the rocket used did in fact come from Iran. "Can I hold up a piece of fragment today that has a specific marking on it that traces this back to Iranian making?" Bergner said. "At this moment I can't do that, but explosive experts - as I said - are still analyzing all the different fragments that they have gathered." (Source: New York Sun, September 13, 2007)


The Israeli air strike on Syria could also have been a "test run" for the upcoming air attack on Iran which many predict will occur in 2008.

Should Iran be attacked by Israel and/or the United States, I predict that somehow, "by accident," their precision-guided bombs will not only blow up suspected nuclear plants but also just happen to destroy Iran's not-yet-finished natural gas pipeline, dubbed the "Pipeline of Peace," the first phase of which is now under construction. The pipeline will carry liquefied natural gas to India through Pakistan.

Consider just for a moment that Iran might be telling the truth when they say they want nuclear power for peaceful purposes.

The classic argument against this is that Iran has so much oil and natural gas that they don't need nuclear energy. The standard rebuttal to this is that Iran is hedging its bets against a future when fossil fuels become depleted.

But what if the real truth is neither of these?

Is it possible that Iran wants to use nuclear energy primarily as an energy source for its own needs in order to allow the country to sell more of its own natural gas reserves to India, China and others?

By bringing nuclear energy plants online, in one stroke Iran guarantees its energy independence, frees up huge natural gas reserves for sale on the open markets, increases its national wealth and weakens the ability of the U. S. to influence Iran's future through sanctions. It is no accident that last March two U. S. aircraft carrier battle groups were moved into the Arabian Sea (Source: Reuters, March 26, 2007) . As you can see from the map below, the carriers would be positioned perfectly to take out the pipeline.

iran-india-pipeline-map.jpeg (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty)

Any move by Iran towards energy self-sufficiency would be seen in Washington as a serious blow to America's "superpower" status, a threat to our ability to manipulate and control things in the Middle East.

Additionally, the infusion of huge new reservoirs of Iranian natural gas into the world markets would alter the balance of power within the energy markets and influence the pricing formulas. The dollar is already weak. If Iran and others begin demanding payment in euros, the dollar will collapse.

Now that the Caspian Sea-Afghanistan natural gas pipeline is DOA, thanks to our abysmal lack of military planning and inability to rein in the Taliban, the door has been opened wider for Iran, India and Pakistan to put aside their ancient hostilities and begin the slow process of acting in the best interests of all three countries. India is hungry for energy to supply its burgeoning economy as is Pakistan. Iran has the resources. The initial agreements have been reached, the accords signed and the Iranian pipeline is being built by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (which, conveniently enough, George Bush suddenly wants to declare a "terrorist organization").

"Last year, the [Iranian Revolutionary] Guard's main engineering firm, Khatam al Anbia, was awarded a contract to construct a $1.3-billion, 560-mile gas pipeline to the Pakistan border. It is also the lead contractor for development of a portion of Iran's massive South Pars gas field, a project worth $2.3 billion, beating out more experienced foreign oil and gas contractors. And Guard interests are also thought to be in control of the transport of oil from Kazakhstan through Iran. (Source: The Los Angeles Times, 8-26-07.)

The only option left for the Bush administration is to bomb the you-know-what out of that gas pipeline, which is what I contend this whole "nuclear threat" scenario is really about.

We are no longer a global player, except as an armed bully. Anyone who watches real business news (and not the flag-waving phoney-baloney that passes for business news on FOX) knows that this country is headed for a long-term "fiscal attitude adjustment," courtesy of the rest of the industrialized world.

We are being told to get our financial house in order, stop buying, start saving, stop consuming, start manufacturing.

Unless, of course, we manage to destabilize the entire world's economy by willy-nilly bombing any nation that doesn't happen to do it "our" way ...