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Chickenhawks Giuliani And Hannity Confuse Iraq War With Democrats

Reported by Ellen - September 14, 2007 -

Maybe it’s because he worked so hard at avoiding military service that Rudy Giuliani couldn't seem to tell the difference between the Iraq war and Democrats on last night's (9/13/07) Hannity & Colmes. Giuliani was supposedly there to offer reaction and analysis to President Bush's speech about Iraq. But he and his sole interviewer, and fellow chickenhawk, Sean Hannity spent way more time talking about Democrats. It left the impression that the two war on terror cheerleaders were as much strangers to talking about war as they have been to actually fighting in one.

Less than 30 seconds into his 9+ minute softball interview, Giuliani changed the subject away from his first question, which asked for his general impression of Bush's speech, to Hillary Clinton. “The reality is that the president defined the mission in Iraq exactly the way Hillary Rodham Clinton did in 2003.” He gave a derisive snort.

“It’s a battle in a much bigger war,” Giuliani continued importantly. If we get it right, we’ll be safer and if we get it wrong, we’ll be in more danger, he claimed. Giuliani allowed as how he supported Bush’s proposal for gradual troop reductions. But then, after a swift soundbite about success, safety and security, Giuliani segued into a much lengthier attack on Democrats. “The problem with the Democratic approach is, it’s withdrawal for the purpose of withdrawal and once again, they’re back to the idea of giving the enemy a timetable of our retreat which would be very, very dangerous and of course, they’re back to their old tricks of impugning people’s integrity.” Then as Giuliani elaborated his disgust with the MoveOn.Org ad, the FOX News producers just happened to have at the ready a graphic of the ad to helpfully put on the screen.

Hannity, the big war supporter, couldn’t think of anything else he wanted to discuss about it but he was very eager to continue the discussion about Democrats.

Significantly, not one clip of Bush or Petraeus was played during this segment. But a lengthy clip of Hillary Clinton talking about her "willing suspension of disbelief" about General Petraeus' report was aired.

“Is she calling the general a liar?” Hannity asked Hanctimoniously.

Giuliani called it a “Clintonianism.” He continued, “It seems to me it’s not coincidental it comes on the same day as the MoveOn.org ad… This is a despicable attack. Hillary Clinton should disown and condemn MoveOn.org and she really has to explain her complicity in this.”

Oh, really? But nobody has to explain their complicity in the “Iraq has WMD’s” claim, “the war will be a cakewalk” claim, the “we’ll be greeted as liberators” claim, the “Iraq oil will pay for the war” claim, the “I doubt it will last six months” claim, nor the billions of dollars unaccounted for? How about the complicity in putting the NYC emergency command center in a known terrorist target?

Apparently, one MoveOn.org ad is far more significant. “That’s a pretty despicable attack on an American general during a time of war,” Giuliani added. “She has some nerve attacking his integrity.”

Ever the hypocrite, Hannity said, “You actually said these times call for statesmanship, not politicians spewing venom.”

They never returned to the subject of Iraq.

I screwed up the recording of this segment because the show started an hour later than normal but you can watch the video on the Hannity & Colmes website. It’s erroneously titled, “Iraq: Moving Forward. GOP Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani reacts to Pres. Bush’s speech.”