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Fox Partners With the Murdoch-Owned NY Post to Smear MoveOn & George Soros, Again

Reported by Melanie - September 13, 2007 -

The final segment on Fox's "premiere business news" program today (September 13, 2007) was one that smeared MoveOn.org, the hated New York Times, and the loathed George Soros (all in one!), based on a report by the Murdoch-owned New York Post. The Post prints it and Fox takes it from there, giving it national, even international exposure. What a racket.

Just before the segment began, Cavuto promoted it as he went to an ad break: "Well, if the New York Times let MoveOn get off cheap, is that fair?" Was it fair for Fox to give so much free ad time, under the guise of "news" I might add, to the Bush/Cheney team in '04 Neil? Just asking.

Aftrer the break Cavuto set the segment up like this:

Well, think this MoveOn dot [sic] ad has conservatives' blood boiling? How about the price of the [sic] New York Times charging to print it? According to the New York Post, MoveOn paid $65,000 for this ad. Now, that's a lot of money but the normal rate for an ad exactly like this is nearly twice that price.

Cavuto said Fox called the Times and a spokesperson said, "politics has nothing to do with ad rates." He then introduced guests Michael Brown, a Democratic strategist, and Michelle Laxalt, who Cavuto identified as a "Republican strategist," but, after a search of the web, looks more like a very well connected and prominent Republican lobbyist.

Laxalt went first, saying that leaving aside the "virtual 50% discount," the New York Times, "is to the left of all America" (whenever I hear that I think of Judith Miller), and their stock value is at a 52-week low, which shows, "how out of step they are." "They owe the General and our 169,000 men and women in Iraq who are serving, a huge apology." (Her emphasis.)

Cavuto turned to Brown and said he wasn't "here to debate the ad." (Beyond the General Betray Us part, Cavuto has never told his audience what the ad actually says.) But he did wonder why Democrats haven't "condemned it." (Hey Neil. I'll be lookin' for a segment tomorrow asking Republicans to condem Boehner, for dissing the lives lost and the money spent in Iraq with this comment. (Won't happen folks.))

Brown said, "I don't remember the right and Republicans standing up" re the Swift Boaters. "What the American people want to know is, how do we get our troops home as safely and as quickly as possible."

Cavuto said Brown was talking about "apples and oranges," and said this is a case of an ad that got "special treatment at the New York Times," and, "I'm wondering if it was proper to get a discount." Brown said, "I don't know, does the right get discounts?"

Cavuto turned to Laxalt again and asked her if the ad were to her liking, would she be "quibbling about the price paid for it." (Of course not, and neither would Fox!)

Laxalt, obviously on to get the message out, went back to the poor suffering shareholders who the NYT is allegedly letting down by being so out of touch and then said, "But, remember who funds MoveOn.org. The principle financier is an eight-times-over billionaire, George Soros, who put so much money into MoveOn.org in the last elections that on the completion of the elections, with the Democrats taking the House and the Senate, Soros was quoted as saying, 'It's our party now. We own it. We bought it.'"

In probably the most jaw dropping statement of all, Cavuto showed just how little he cares about the issue of the occupation of Iraq and the lies that are keeping us there: To Brown: "Would all of this have been a moot point if the General's last name wasn't Patraeus and you could rhyme so easily with it?" Brown said we support the generals and the troops but, "This is a political war and politics are going to be at play."

Comment: Cavuto's audience was never told that the New York Post is Fox's sister entity. It was made to believe that an independent news source broke the story so hey, it must be true and Fox is just "reporting it," right? Other "news" sources will pick this up and some of the things Cavuto and Laxalt said will likely be all over the web in a day or two and voila, what may or may not be true become fact because someone saw it on "the news."