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Fox Announces President's Speech While Brit Hume Says The Democrats Obviously Failed To End The War In Iraq

Reported by Donna - September 13, 2007 -

Today on Studio B with Shepard Smith practically the whole hour was spent on a suspect accused of shooting 4 policeofficers, killing one in Miami/Dade County. But they took out a couple of minutes to talk about the president's address to the nation tonight.

Smith said that the president was going to endorse the draw down of troops by next summer, he would be following General Petreus' recommendations.

Brit Hume had lunch with the president today (with other media not named) and he said yes ,the president will endorse Petreus' recomendations for a draw back of troops. Another thing he would be discussing is establishing a strategic relationship with Iraq (?). Hume said this meant that there was a hgih likelihood of troops in Iraq for sometime. Hume said there was great sensitivity to America establishing permanent bases anywhere in the middle east.

Hume said that the president faces a changed political atmosphere since the Democrats have clearly failed to end the war. Whether the president has the political leverage now to get away with this announcement is yet to be seen.

They spoke briefly about the man (a Sunni) who was fighting back against Al Qaeda and who had been in Washington a few weeks ago and had now been found murdered.

Smith said that the White House certainly hopes you'll watch and announced that Brit Hume would be covering the speech at 9 tonight. Smith said that John Edwards has purchased airtime for 2 minutes after the president's speech on MSNBC to rebut what the president is saying.

Smith added that there was a controversy for an ad from moveon.org running at the NY Times for $65,000 when it should have been $165,000. Smith said they haven't been able to get a response from the NY Times on why this is so.

Comments: Even when time is limited Fox doesn't stop at the chance to diss Democrats and Moveon.org. We report, you decide.