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Bill O'Reilly & Tony Snow Team Up Against Moveon

Reported by Deborah - September 13, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly tried to sound fair and balanced during his TPM last night, 9/12, claiming both Democrats and Republicans are using Iraq to score political points. However it didn't take long before he lapsed into his song and dance about Moveon and the " far-left" Then when Tony Snow joined him, they teamed up for an attack.

During the TPM, BOR gave Republicans a nod of criticism for claiming that everything was going fine in Iraq and being in denial about the Iraqi government.

He had more to say about the "far-left" and Moveon in the TPM before Tony Snow appeared.

" The far-left will never acknowledge any improvement in Iraq. It will declare defeat no matter what happens. Moveon and the others are actually hoping for defeat. The far left doesn't even think Iran is dangerous."

O'Reilly didn't explain what he considers victory, defeat, or improvement would be in Iraq. However he he made the case for Iranian involvement.

" The USA is now fighting for itself. Cutting and running will lead to a terrorist sanctuary dominated by Iran."

When Snow appeared, O'Reilly immediately asked him how he did in his TPM. Snow didn't have a speck of criticism about attacks on the left but immediatly defended the right.

" I think you're trying to reach out and slap the right. I think you over reached. Nobody is saying the Iraqi government is peachy keen"

After O'Reilly blamed the problems on the corrupt Iraqi government he slipped Moveon into the conversation acting as if Moveon was subverting the will of Americans with their influence. Snow dismissed the Ad saying Moveon made one of the biggest PR blunders attacking Petraeus because they didn't like the fact that he succeeded.

Then the smearing got more serious as he and Snow tried to paint Moveon as unstable lunatics kind of like terrorists are portrayed. O'Reilly asked Snow why Moveon and the people they represent like George Soros want the USA to lose? Snow's answer was slick and deadly.

" I'm not going to get into their heads. There is something about that way of thinking that is sufficiently foreign to me."

Making a clear separation between Moveon and " good Americans" Snow commented that "Americans love to succeed". Then O'Reilly took it up a notch declaring respect for dissent from " good Americans".

" Good Americans dissent from this war because they don't want Americans dying for something that's not going to happen."

comment: Isn't that exactly why everyone is against the war? The right/left lines have blurred so O'Reilly has now created a new battle between good American dissent and the bad Moveon dissent. Since all of us want the same thing , isn't it time we got together and worked it out?