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Bill O'Reilly Claims FOX News " Never Disseminated GOP Propaganda"

Reported by Deborah - September 13, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly was only too happy to spread the New York Post story about The New York times giving Moveon a discount for their ad which Melanie posted about earlier today. O'Reilly lamented that the press used to be honest adding " that's why I got into it." Then he proceeded to trash Dan Rather for claiming that FOX News follows a list of Republican talking points. BOR vehemently denied the possibility saying,

" News managers here tell me they've never disseminated GOP propaganda."

Once again Bill O'Reilly has come down with selective amnesia and needs some help getting those synapses firing again. 9/13/07

Here's a News Hounds post from November 2006 about one of the infamous FOX News memos being leaked and used by Martha McCallum. A video of Robert Greenwald and Keith Olbermann discussing the leaked memo is also included in the post. Perhaps that will get BOR's memory going again.

Here's another post found in the News Hounds archives from June 2004 with more evidence of the FOX News memo revealed by an ex employee of the network.

comments:O'Reilly continued his tirade about journalistic ethics with more attacks on the NY Times but it could easily be about FNC if the names were changed. Bill claimed Americans know the NYT is " in bed with Moveon and George Soros" and they might as well turn themselves into a magazine. Anyone feel like a game of Mad Libs. Just substitute FOX News, Republicans and Rupert Murdoch and you'll get some honest journalism.

It's time to send Bill O'Reilly an Outfoxed DVD.