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What Is Going On In Iraq?

Reported by Donna - September 12, 2007 -

Studio B said today that Tony Snow said that benchmarks weren't as important as turning the Iraqi's away from Al Qaeda. Smith reported that 30,000 U.S. servicemen would be coming home, but not until next summer. Wendall Goler reported that the White House doesn't say there hasn't been progress. (Comment: What does that mean?) In a rather mish-mash report, Studio B added to the confusion of what is happening in Iraq.

The Democrats are saying that when the U.S. moves troops to one place the insurgency just moves somewhere else and waits them out. Harry Reid said that the benchmarks were not being made and we were failing in Iraq.

Comments: A very confusing segment on Iraq. They never said that if the president is pulling out 30,000 of our military this was signalling a drawback of troops. Of course this number would just take us back to pre surge levels. Goler's comment was confusing at best -- he said the WH never said that they had never said there was no progress in Iraq. All smoke and mirrors - at best.