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Fear Mongoring About Russia Hits Studio B

Reported by Donna - September 12, 2007 -

It was reported today on Studio B with Shepard Smith that we may have some problems with Russia. They spoke about the new bomb that Russia had come up with called 'the father of all bombs'. This was supposed to be an in your face to the U.S. since we claim to have 'the mother of all bombs.'

But the real fear mongoring came when they said that Putin was triggering a dissolution of the Russian government.

It was reported that Putin has started this by replacing the Prime Minister and plans on replacing most of the staff in the days to come. Michael O'Hanlon from the Brookings Institute said he wasn't so worried about the bomb as he was about the dissolution of the Russian Government. He doesn't think that he is trying to make it a state of communism, but he said he wanted people to know he was the top dog.

Dana Lewis reported that he didn't know what kind of democracy Putin was trying to create. He said it may not be the kind of democracy we would like them to have.

Comments: Fear mongoring is a top job at Fox News and they use it to their advantage. They keep people worried over various governments at one time. This is the plan of the Bush Administration - keep the fear coming and the people scared. Besides that, is it the U.S.'s decision to decide what democracy is good for another country?