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Compassionate conservatism rears its cynical head

Reported by Chrish - September 12, 2007 -

This morning on America's Newsroom, correspondent David MacDougal filed a report from Baghdad that briefly outlined "how the Iraqis feel about the surge." They overwhelmingly agree it has not been a success, and blame....the Iraqi government. At least according to one man, ONE, with whom MacDougal spent time and who will be featured later tonight on Special Report.

The man's family has been displaced and now lives in one room on about $100 a month. The children cannot go to school and it is difficult for the father to get to the market or to work because of the numerous check-points they have to go through. Essentially it was reported that he said he believes the Americans are trying their best but the Iraqi government is not doing their part. MacDougal extolled the family's generosity and kindness and said that was representative of most of the people they talked with, and promised a more in-depth report tonight on Special Report.

Comment: An increase in faux compassion for the Iraqi people has been seen in the past weeks on FOX. Talking points (directed at Democrats and others who want the US to begin withdrawal of troops sooner rather than later) are that "if we leave chaos - anarchy - bloodshed - genocide..." will prevail, so now the reason for being there has morphed into we are the Iraqis protectors from their own government - the government the Bush administration basically installed and lauded those same people for "freely electing." FOX will assist Republicans as framing the withdrawal issue as a humanitarian one, and with straight faces will insist that their cracked crystal ball, the same one that showed flowers and candy being offered, now says that "premature" withdrawal will result in another massacre a la Viet Nam. Trying to appeal to swing voters with warm and fuzzy pleas for kindness and patience, the "Forever Caucus" (h/t Rick Perlstein) will blithely ignore the ongoing chaos, anarchy and bloodshed and Americans' best interests and wishes.