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Cavuto Likens Clinton Accepting Money from Norman Hsu to Bush Lying About WMD

Reported by Melanie - September 12, 2007 -

Almost every day, Fox's "premiere business news" anchor, Neil Cavuto, delivers an editorial at the end of his show. The segment, called, "Common Sense," is apparently set aside as an editorial in an effort to give viewers the impression that the editorializing Cavuto does during the preceding 53 minutes is, well, news. Anyway, in today's (September 12, 2007) editorial, Cavuto compared Hillary Clinton accepting money from Norman Hsu to George W. Bush lying about WMD in Iraq.

The editorial -- "Know Who's Giving You Money -- " slamed Clinton and her campaign for not questioning Hsu's $850,000 donation ("bundled," from 260 original donors, by the way) when, "a simple Google search" would have revealed he was a wanted man. He said you would think that, "the Clintons, of all folks, would be highly sensitive to the prospect of fundraising boo-boos, judging from their storied past in such matters."

"Nothing was done," he said, ' Until the whole financial thing became undone." Then he wrapped up with this zinger, practically screaming during part of it:

Something's fishy here.

And phony too. That people who question what this president knew and when he knew it, about matters on the other side of the globe, can get away claiming ignorance about what they should have known [and seen*] about matters right under their nose.

* The transcript (linked to above), omits these two words which were in the live presentation, a video of which can be found here.

Is it any wonder Fox's viewers think the Clintons are the root of ALL evil?