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Bill O'Reilly Warns "There May Be Treason In The Air"

Reported by Deborah - September 11, 2007 -

Bill O'Reilly had no use for sober reflection tonight on The Factor. He preferred to use the anniversary of 9/11 to encourage hatred and divisiveness by attacking fellow Americans, He also announced a new nightly segment called "Pinheads and Patriots" so he can drive the wedge a little deeper every night . He opened the show warning, " There may be treason in the air" and then attacked the would be traitors, Brian De Palma and Mos Def.

O'Reilly started his attack on Def last night and continued tonight calling him " vile" and showing a clip of him rapping " Bush brought down the towers". BOR sneered that he was "a denier who spit in the face' of the families of 9/11 victims.

This was the third attack on Brian DePalma. Bill O'Reilly thinks DePalma's film Redacted is "American bashing" and shouldn't be released in time of war. He told Rachal Sklar, Huffington Post,on 9/7, that FDR censored movies during World War II because he didn't want to hurt morale.

Tonight he claimed that FDR would have put De Palma in prison clearly suggesting that DePalma is a traitor. Roosevelt's Executive Order 8985 establishing an Office of Censorship did not mention censoring feature films or imprisoning film makers.

Ellis Hennican agreed about Mos Def' but was less committal about De Palma's film reminding O'Reilly about the Constitution. He said he shared O'Reilly's fear that the movie would incite more hatred for the military and asked, " Do you want to arrest him or bury his movie?"

O'Reilly claimed that he would call for demonstrations against any movie chains showing DePalma's film and would picket himself. When BOR urged Hennican to join him on the picket line, he refused . Hennican said he would cover the demonstration but as a journalist wouldn't picket adding, " I'm not going to lecture you on journalistic ethics."

The new segment Pinheads and Patriots came at the end of the show replacing Most Ridiculous Item. The Patriot named turned out to be Darryl Hannah for driving a car powered with bio deisel fuel. It seemed an interesting choice showing viewers that he's a no spin kind of guy. Then he erased his good impression choosing Al Franken as the Pinhead. What a shocker!

comment: It looks like O'Reilly is trying to add a little spice to the show . He announced another new segment called The Dhue Factor with Laurie Dhue who will act as his "ombudsman" ( his word) reading letters from viewers. BOR chuckled that she was going to be hard on him.