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Bernie Kerik - Most Recent GOP'er to Declare Osama Bin Laden, "Basically Null and Void"

Reported by Melanie - September 11, 2007 -

The headline guest today (September 11, 2007) on Fox's "premiere business news" show was a favorite of Neil Cavuto's, the totally discredited Bernard Kerik. Kerik was on to talk about "terror," which is all he ever talks about, and today he out did himself with contradictions. He also joined a growing chorus of GOP'ers who are dismissing (or taunting?) Osama Bin Laden.

After the show opened with a FOX NEWS ALERT and a shot of the "big board" at the NYSE, Cavuto reminded his viewers that a new Bin Laden tape was released today but he assured them that it didn't "scare" a determined Wall Street (the Dow was up 180.54 points).

The chyron read, "Stocks Soar Despite New Bin Laden Tape," as Cavuto quickly turned to Kerik. After praising the job George Bush is doing fighting "terror," Kerik said that Bin Laden is, "basically null and void on the command front." Then he went on to enumerate all the al-Qaeda attacks -- New York, London, Madrid, etc., -- and to talk about how the war in Iraq is a "battleground" against al-Qaeda, as "was" Afghanistan. (Apparently Kerik hasn't heard that that one's far from over.)

Kerik spent a few minutes talking about the people who "lie" about General Petraeus: "They should listen to the man when he talks." Wrapping up the "terror" talk, Kerik reminded the audience that, "we cannot forget who did it," (9/11); that all the other places that were "hit," were "hit" by "the same enemy," al-Qaeda.

Comment: On July 25, 2007, Bush gave a speech in which he mentioned al-Qaeda 95 -- yep, that's 95 times. Yet, now that Bin Laden -- the public face of al-Qaeda -- has reared his ugly head again, highlighting the fact that Bush has yet to catch him "dead or alive," I get the impression that the GOP sent out a memo telling its talking heads to dismiss him. Or is it taunt him? On September 7, Fred Thompson said he was "more symbolism than anything else." On Sunday, Homeland Security Advisor Frances Townsend said he was "virtually impotent." And now we have the big, bad Bernie Kerik saying he's "basically null and void." If I were "UBL," as Fox dismissively calls him, I'd take those as taunts. What a difference six years make.