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Admitted Traitor David Horowitz Accuses UCSC Of Being Too Un-American

Reported by Ellen - September 9, 2007 -

In a true moment of McCarthyism, admitted traitor David Horowitz, who has NO academic credentials, joined college drop-out Sean Hannity to declare the University of California at Santa Cruz as the worst school in America. Not because the students aren’t learning but because Horowitz felt its faculty and courses were too anti-capitalism and pro-communism. Unfortunately for Horowitz, his hypocritical bias was exposed by Alan Colmes.

Horowitz’ treasonous past was not revealed to viewers, nor were they informed that the evaluation of UCSC was coming from someone without any credentials and being endorsed by a co-host who never finished college, either. Nevertheless, FOX News presented Horowitz as an expert without any balancing guest who might have cast doubt on his credibility.

Horowitz cared not a fig about the school’s academic capabilities. He even acknowledged that the UCSC has a “world class astronomy department, it’s got a first rate physics department, it’s got professional schools which are terrific. The problem at UCSC is the liberal arts college which is just an indoctrination and recruitment center for far left ideologues.”

In other words, politics trumps scholasticism in Horowitz’ evaluations.

Horowitz’ proffered evidence that the liberal arts college is an “indoctrination and recruitment center” was the fact that the women’s studies department has been renamed the “Feminist Studies Department.” Horowitz claimed that the department’s “guiding light” and “architect,” Bettina Aptheker, is “a well known American communist who supported the Soviet Empire until after the fall of the Berlin Wall.” A quick look at their website makes it clear that Aptheker is not the chair of the department. Nevertheless, Horowitz, who just proved that academics took a back seat to politics in his own standards, complained, “It’s politics conducted by other means.”

Horowitz went on to generously offer, “Now, I also want to say, I have no objection to liberals and radicals, no matter how reactionary their ideas… but when they’re teaching controversial issues, they need to teach that there are two sides or three or four sides to the issues, students need to read texts that challenge the orthodoxy.” I wonder if Horowitz ever makes those arguments at Liberty University. Somehow, I suspect not. Meanwhile, he had no apparent objections that nobody from academia was there to challenge his orthodoxy on a supposedly “fair and balanced” news network.

College drop-out Hannity was all ears, of course, and didn’t let his own lack of education nor college experience stop him from making his own authoritative pronouncement. “This is the big problem,” he said self-importantly. “You have these kids in a classroom, they’re a captive audience.” Counting off on his pudgy, bullyboy fingers, Hannity said, “If they challenge these teachers, on any of the specific ideology or propaganda that they’re pushing on them, they could be punished with negative grades.”

Then Colmes took over. Colmes noted that in Horowitz’ own book he said that the professors’ perspectives “may or may not be expressed inside or outside the classroom.” Colmes continued, “So in many cases you may call someone a Communist, which sounds like red-baiting to me, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s what they’re talking about in the classroom.”

Colmes continued, “You don’t even know in which cases they did or did not teach those ideologies inside their classroom.”

Tellingly, Horowitz did not dispute that. His voice rising in frustration, he claimed that one seminar “says in the catalogue, ‘this is how to organize a revolution.’” I found no such course, though there was one called “State and Revolution” which is described in the following way: Investigates the process of rapid and fundamental political change from the standpoint of both the structures of states in which revolutions have occurred and the structures of states issuing from revolutions… Enrollment restricted to senior politics and Latin American and Latino studies/politics combined majors; major restrictions lifted during open enrollment.” In other words, it’s an advanced level course, not a required one.

Colmes asked if the courses Horowitz objected to were mandatory. They must not be. Because rather than answer, Horowitz said, “It doesn’t matter if they’re mandatory.”

“Yes, it does,” Colmes said, “They’re not mandatory, right? No one’s forcing anybody to take these courses.” As Horowitz started to change the subject, Colmes interrupted to ask again, “Who’s being forced to take these courses?”

Horowitz sputtered and answered, “Well, they are forced to take many courses taught by these people.” Having clearly lost Round 1, Horowitz said that there’s a “standing order” from the Regents not to use classrooms for political indoctrination.

“You even acknowledged that you don’t know in which cases their personal views are being expressed inside the classroom versus outside the classroom. Because somebody may be ideologically left doesn’t mean that’s what they’re ramming down the throats of their student,” Colmes said.

Horowitz sputtered again. “You’re just talking through your hat, Alan.” Then Horowitz, who has previously shown a racist streak in him, revealed that for him, black criminals are worse than "regular" criminals. “There’s one course about prisons which has four of the five texts by Black Panthers. It’s not even that they’re representing the criminal view of the world, they’re representing just the Black Panther Party view of the world.”

Wouldn't that be kind of like presenting Tom DeLay, under federal indictment for money laundering, simply as former House Majority Leader, and using him as the sole guest for a news discussion about Congressional ethics?

UPDATE I heard from a UCSC professor who said his course is the one that Horowitz was referring to. I was away when the professor wrote and now he is away. I will post more information on the course when I receive it.