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Thompson: Let's take Ronald Reagan off the table

Reported by Chrish - September 7, 2007 -

After receiving extensive airtime last night on Hannity and Colmes, Fred Thompson was invited guest on FOX and Friends this morning 9/7/07. The newly-announced presidential candidate spent ten minutes fielding questions and establishing his campaign's talking points, which are almost indistinguishable from the others. Declared the "true Conservative's candidate" and a Federalist, Thompson brushed off comparisons to Ronald Reagan saying he (RR) was one-of-a-kind.

Brian Kilmeade said that Thompson was described as the true conservative's candidate, but they asked two Reagan biographers how he stacked up to Ronald Reagan. The biographers, Martin Anderson and Lou Cannon, agreed that Thompson is not a conservative. Thompson, of course, said they're wrong, and said that he was 100% on lower taxes and pro-life issues when he was formerly in Congress; he worked for regulatory reform and has always supported the US military "when (he) thought they were carrying out American policy, as I think they're doing in Iraq right now" (although he has no record of any military service, even though he was of age to serve in Viet Nam). He doesn't see ANY Ronald Reagans around, including when he looks in the mirror, and suggests we take Saint Ronnie off the table, and reiterated that there's no question that he's conservative by any objective standard. He may have "gotten off the reservation" a couple-three times, votin 1:99 when he thought the federal government should not be involved in an issue, but he's proud of those votes and considers them conservative too.

Steve Doocy asked what he made of the new picture of bin Laden (shown for the zillionth time side by side with another shot from 2004) and the forthcoming tape, and Thompson said that bin Laden is doing us a service, reminding us that what's going on in Iraq is part of a much broader, global war. That's not good news for those who want to get the troops out of Iraq, and who think "everything will be OK" once we do that. "They've" declared war on us a long time ago, and we let it ride and did nothing (he's probably referring to the Clinton years, when counter-terrorism was conducted discretely and was not on the news every day, but we know that the period when nothing was done was January 20, 2001-September 10, 2001.)

On immigration, he would stand on enforcing the laws and protecting the border (specifically the southern border.) Illegal immigrants caught committing crimes here should be deported, and employment laws should be enforced. Even a Federalist like (me) says this is a job for the federal government,

Thompson praised Rudy Giuliani's performance after 9/11, saying he showed leadership, but also said what someone does before a crisis counts too. He declined to criticize Giuliani's performance before the attacks and claimed he didn't know what he did prior to 9/11. Thompson needs to watch Robert Greenwald's series, The Real Rudy, starting with Part 1 and see the colossal mistakes made by the then-Mayor.

Thompson is not worried today, only the second day, about Rudy or any other candidate - there'll be plenty of time to disagree, if in fact they do disagree on anything, later on. How interesting, because there isn't much wiggle-room in the Republican field for disagreement. Ron Paul is the only candidate who dares take a view opposing the Iraq war and Chris Wallace was all over him.

Doocy invited Thompson to stop by various relatives homes in Iowa for some home-cooking,(giving out their names and cities on the air!), and Thompson said he thought Doocy should get on the bus with him.

All in all the candidate got about ten minutes to espouse his views, however vaguely. Will FOX be required to list that as a campaign contribution?