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Fox's Spin on Bin Laden is Crazy Making

Reported by Melanie - September 7, 2007 -

Fox's "premiere business news" program opened today (September 7, 2007), as usual, with a Fox News Alert. Fox went to a live shot of the "big board" at the NYSE (down 249.97 points) and Neil Cavuto said there was a sell-off due to weak job numbers but, he wondered, did Osama Bin Laden "help move the markets again?" The show bounced back and forth for the hour, asking if the newly-released Bin Laden tape featured the real, live guy. Did he dye his hair and why? Did the tape "sorta grease" the skids on Wall Street, or not? Do we care? He's inconsequential, but, on the other hand, we should obliterate Tora Bora!

The final segment said it all. After a segment with in-the-gutter "Bernie" Kerik, Bo Dietl said we shouldn't give Bin Laden "so much attention." Fox was on a triple-split screen with Bin Laden in the biggest one. Dietl said we should shrink his screen and, lo and behold, Fox went to a full screen of "UBL." Then again, Cavuto said, "terror trumps all," but a very angry Dietl said, "We should just move on from this guy already," but seconds later he said, "We gotta crush him."

Tim Graham of the "Media Research Center" joined in and said, "This guy's threats are holding back the economy but you want to have viligance. You know the media's going to show these images but the media also ought to do a better job of actually acknowledging that there is a war on terror...instead of pretending somehow it's all a fiction made-up by the Bush administration." What?!

Back to Dietl who said, "This guy is not the boogeyman," but we should, "take this guy out." We should "level that Tora Bora." Again -- wahwahwahwhat?

That's not the half of it. Check it out. What's good is bad. What's insignificant is huge. What we should ignore we should bomb. It's nuts.

(Again, I apologize for the two-part video.)

Part I

Part II