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FOX News Live Dishes Up a Large Dose of Terror.

Reported by Marie Therese - September 7, 2007 -

On Thursday morning (9-6-07) during FOX's "hard news" show, FOX News Live, host E. D. Hill issued a dire warning to her viewers. "This is a FOX News Alert and one you must pay attention to," Hill intoned. "Right before 9-11 there were messages on radical Islamist websites. No one knew, though, exactly what to make of them. We do know what happened 9-11. And now there is new concern. Over the past few months messages frighteningly familiar in word and tone to the ones pre-9-11 have been appearing. U. S. terrorism analysts tell FOX they're worried another attack could be imminent and they are looking at this very closely." A video clip appeared of Arabic writing with the following sentence "translated" "There will be a special gift coming on the day of the blessed invasion of Manhattan ...." No translator listed. No website listed. No analysts named. Just that one sentence that FOX News parlayed into a day-long fear mongering campaign. With video

Right afterwards, Hill launched into a story about homegrown German terrorists who were apprehended, having allegedly planned to bomb the town of Ramstein near the Frankfurt airport and America's major military base & hospital complex. Hill urgently reported that "the suspects had enough explosives to pull off a far deadlier attack than those in Madrid and London." During an interview with correspondent Greg Palkot on location, Hill asked leading questions, designed to create the impression that clandestine surveillance by the United States, possibly on cables running through this country, were instrumental in foiling this plot and identifying the culprits. Both Hill and Palkot gave the viewer the impression that "cell phone intercepts" by American "spy masters" were an integral part of this operation.

GREG PALKOT: "... All I can think of, as I sift through all the details right now of what the Germans did working with the Americans is, if that had been going on before 9-11, six years ago, you recall - our viewers will recall - that plot hatched on German soil, maybe 9-11 wouldn't have happened."

E. D. HILL: "Very interesting that it was cell phone intercepts because you know it was the - the - uh - uh - the talk here in the states and that is if you've got these cell phones calls, they're, they're - usually routed through the United States and they go back out. But it's one country to a different country. It just happens to come through us and we're listening in on them. A lot of people have been arguing that - look that's not fair. So it will be very interesting to find out exactly how they were able tpo pin these people and then pass that intelligence on to the German agents."

Palkot used the rest of the report to comment that the Germans have been "slack" in their surveillance efforts as a result of their Nazi past but, in typical FOX fashion, he cited "a lot of the politicians" who favor beefing up German intelligence gathering efforts. Hill ended by saying "Well, you can't enjoy your civil liberties, if you're not alive. That's the bottom line, unfortunately."

The third story concerned the "frightening reality of the growing number of terror attacks" in Europe over the past few years. Hill segued into an interview with Reginald Dale, a senior fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies assigned to their "Europe Program." The discussion centered on a FOX favorite - the supposed "connection" between immigration (legal or otherwise) and "terrorists."

However, both she and Dale had to acknowledge, no matter how thinly, the role of isolation and marginalization in the rise of home-grown terrorists, i.e. it isn't the first generation Muslim immigrants who turn radical, it's their children, who feel alientated and rejected by European societies in which there is very little chance of upward mobility unless you are in the dominant ethnicity.

Hill made a big deal out of the fact that Denmark has instituted draconian laws vis a vis Muslim immigrants, something I personally found sad since I have always had a deep and abiding respect for the way in which the Danes openly thwarted the Nazi round-up of Jews in WWII. It would be a terrible victory for Osama bin Laden if the Danes - through fear - abandoned the moral beliefs of their immediate forebears.

When Dale pointed out that the second general immigrant children rebel because they have been forced to live in a ghetto-like environment, Hill was quick to jump in and claim that even children who've gone to college and belong to soccer clubs have become terrorists. She clearly wanted to create the impression that immigration in and of itself has created jihadists, not economic and social circumstances.

Dale then suggested that the one common feature among the rash of European terrorist attacks or attempts to attack was that the participants had recently traveled to Pakistan and received training in the Al Qaeda camps there as opposed to going to Iraq.

"That somewhat differs from the original prediction of European terrorism experts that these people would go on to volunteer to fight in Iraq and then come back and bring their techniques from there," Dale went on to say.

In other words, Dale contradicted one of George Bush's main tenets, i.e. that we have to stay and fight "them" in Iraq so we won't have to fight them "here." If Europe's experience is any indication, Al Qaeda in Pakistan is our biggest worry, not Al Qaeda in Iraq.

So much for one of the linchpins of Bush's benighted foreign policy ...

E. D. Hill shut Mr. Dale down rather quickly at this juncture.

Hill ended the nine minute terror segment with an example of American terrorism, i.e. a U. S. air strike that killed between 14 and 30 Iraqi civilians. The segue was so smooth and the wording so oddly phrased that at first it sounded like she was reporting on an insurgent bombing.