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FOX and Friends promote fear and loathing for 9/11 anniversary

Reported by Chrish - September 7, 2007 -

FOX and Friends repeatedly announced this morning 9/07/07 that there will be a new tape from Osama bin Laden released later today. They discussed, among other things, the notable difference in his appearance since 2004 (a shorter and darker beard). Fran Townsend, US Homeland Security Advisor, was a guest with Gretchen Carlson.

Townsend said that analysts will look at the tape closely to determine if it is genuine of a doctored tape of old footage, a piece of propaganda to strike fear into Americans or perhaps a trigger to some event? Hmmm. Although Townsend stated we've never seen a tape that was a trigger, Carlson replied that she thinks the American public thinks of these as probable triggers to some impending event, and Al Qaeda "tends to mark 9/11 with a slew of messages," and asked if there is any credible threat right now to the US? No, in a nutshell - no specific credible evidence of an imminent attack.

Carlson switched to the German bust, and said that new information credits American intercept between Pakistan and Germany. Townsend replied that she couldn't comment on US intelligence or techniques, neith confirming nor denying, which would lead most people to believe that Carlson's claim was true. Townsend proceeded to applaud the German policework and noted that they had spent long-term resources on this case, and the US had worked closely with them.

Comment: In the first part of the segment Carlson was fearmongering (this hype over the upcoming video is all about, as Fred Thompson said later in the show, bringing the threat of terror back to the forefront and reminding us that Iraq is part of the GWOT). And it is American media that creates an annual hoopla over the anniversary of the attacks.

The second segment about Germany was intended to give the US (Bush and the US are one and the same on FOX) credit for intelligence work and to reinforce support for surveillance - no matter that virtually everyone supports surveillance of international calls that involve suspected terrorists, FOX continues to blur the line between that and (formerly) illegal warrantless wiretapping of Americans in America. So who's pushing propaganda?