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President Speaks To China

Reported by Donna - September 6, 2007 -

A segment aired on Studio B about the Presiden'ts speaking to China. Bret Baier was the correspondant who conferred with Smith. Shepard Smith wanted to know what they talked about.

Smith specifically asked if the president had asked the Chinese about the Chinese hacking into the Pentagon computers. Baier said he did not but he didn't know why he hadn't except for treading carefully with China. What they did talk about was the defective toys that had been imported in from China.

Comment: Why on earth would a president go all the way to Australia to speak with China and not bring up a major issue like hacking into the Pentagon computers? Yes, the defective toys is an important issue, but the president may have passed up on a good time to bring up the hacking issue. At least give the Chinese an inkling that this is important to us. They could have denied it but the question could still been put to them.