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McCain's haircuts cheap, but "taxpayer subsidized"

Reported by Chrish - September 6, 2007 -

In an interview with the Friends on FOX this morning 9/6/07, Republican candidate John McCain and his wife Cindy were asked - how much does he pay for his haircuts? Of course, this was an indirect jab at Democratic candidate John Edwards, who has paid travel expenses of up to $1200 of his own money to fly his favored hair stylist to meet him on the campaign trail. (Since FOX and the copy-cat media have made such a big deal of it, he has stopped using that hair stylist.)

Mrs. McCain first answered Doocy's question, saying Senator McCain has his hair cut in the Senate barbershop by the same man who's been cutting it "forever," for what, 8 bucks? and her husband piped in "Mario - he's a butcher." Believe her, he doesn't spend money on haircuts! The candidate continued "$18, I'm sure taxpayer subsidized," in a jovial manner.

OK, we all know McCain's a "straight shooter" and we all know there are perks to public service. But next time one of the "conservative" Fox faces brings up John Edwards' personal expenditures for haircuts, no matter how ludicrous the amount, recall that at least he's not hooking the taxpayers for hs grooming, unlike his "conservative" opponents.