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FOX and Friends ask if racial (i.e., religious) profiling is a "necessary evil"?

Reported by Chrish - September 6, 2007 -

Although the segment was ostensibly about racial profiling of terrorists, what the Friends on FOX were actually suggesting this morning 9/6/07 is that the US may need to profile based on religion, specifically looking at Muslims of all ethnicities.

Gretchen Carlson teased the segment with "A new peoblem with terror suspects who don't hail from the MidEast - is it time to start racial profiling to keep us safe in the 'war on terror'?" One of the men, Brian Kilmeade I believe, said off-camera "They do all have something in common!"

Brian Kilmeade hosted the segment, and Richard Miniter, described only as "Terrorism Analyst" was the guest. (His bio at Wikipedia describes someone who is right-wing from the core on out, and from the beginning of his extensive career to present, having been employed by the American Spectator, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, Insight, a national weekly magazine published by The Washington Times, The Wall Street Journal Europe and News Corp. holding The Sunday Times. He is engaged to a former Fox News Channel producer and a producer for Laura Ingraham and G. Gordon Liddy.) The chyron "Racial Profiling: Necessary Evil?" was shown throughout the segment.

Essentially, because 2 of the German terror suspects are Caucasian and born in Germany, it was deduced that Al Qaeda has gotten wise to racial profiling of Middle Eastern men and is actively recruiting people of other ethnicities. Miniter referred to "converts," Belgian and French, who have already assisted in terror planning and said Al Qaeda knows we are looking at Arab males so in response they are looking for people "who don't fit the profile."

Kilmeade asked "When you look at the next place that could be hit, when you have your globe, which is probably right by your left hand, and you spin it around, where you point to?" Comment: I didn't think TV news could be dumbed down any more than The Big Story, but this takes the cake. This from the goofball who asked co-hosts Carlson and Doocy, both Swedes, if they met each other back in Switzerland.

Miniter said that the goal would be as many casualties and as much media attention as possible, so a crowded place like an airport or bus station, or a school or a mall. He's not trying to scare anyone, but that's their tactics.

Miniter drew a parallel between so-called "sanctuary cities" in the US and the Hamburg Germany cell which operated out of a neighborhood near the technical school, where, he said, police are "effectively banned." There's a lot of illegal activity there which the police ignored, a perfect place for the "evil flower of terrorism to sprout."

This fits so well with Bill O'Reilly's recent rants about the ACLU and sanctuary cities. In his TPM last night 9/6/07 he insisted that "Congress must pass a law, mandating that all police agencies inform the Feds upon the arrest of any alien," regardless whether they are here legally or illegally. FOX is promoting the fascist "show us your papers" meme on multiple fronts, all in the name of security from criminals and from terrorists.